Cornelius business threatens to protest I-77 toll lane project

Frustrations continue to loom over the I-77 toll lane project.

With construction set to begin soon, one Lake Norman business owner says he will do whatever it takes to prevent ground from being broken.

Joel Pfyffer is the owner of Prosciutto's Pizzeria & Pub and says he is frustrated by a lack of response from politicians about I-77 toll lane project concerns.

He promised on his Facebook page to take action and block construction vehicles with his car, if legal action doesn't stop the project.

"The way the project is organized doesn't make any sense," he said. "We are being told by people in Raleigh that nothing can be done, they don't live here, it's not fair."

Hundreds of businesses have come out against this project. The price of the toll will vary based on traffic and there isn't a cap on how high it can go.

If people don't use the toll lane and congestion worsens, the state will be able to build more free lanes, according to NCDOT.

The toll lane project also doesn't include an exit point at some of Lake Norman's hotspots for traffic including exit 28. For those reasons, Pfyffer worries the project will have a devastating impact on the Lake Norman community.

"I'm afraid for the future of my business and for Lake Norman's future," he said. "The plan doesn't make sense."

Fox46 reached out to I-77 Mobility Partners and a spokesperson for the project said they are moving forward with it.

*This story was corrected to note the state will be able to build more free lanes if people don't use the toll lanes and congestion worsens.