Cosmos Café to close its doors

After 18 years in business, a popular Uptown restaurant is closing its doors. The owner of Cosmos Café made the announcement Tuesday after weeks of rumors. 

The food, the cocktails and the people at Cosmos are all reasons regulars, like Barry Pulliam, return day after day.
"This is like a second home,” said Pulliam. “I’ve really enjoyed it.”

But when Pulliam learned the restaurant would soon be closing its doors, that joy quickly turned to sadness.

"It's kind of like you found out something bad happened to a family member,” said Pulliam. “But, I mean, I understand it's been a really nice run. But I'm gonna (sic) really miss it."

But perhaps no one will miss it more than David Ramos. Ramos has worked at the restaurant since 1999, just two years after it opened.

"I have a lot of customers,” said Ramos. “My regulars, they come to see us every week, maybe one or two times a week for a long time. I mean that surprise me. I mean, I'm really going to miss all my people."

The same goes for managers Malia Guidage and Steve Kinney. The two haven't called the restaurant home for as long as Ramos, but they've both worked there long enough to feel the loss.

“It's going to be weird finding somewhere new to work,” said Guidage. “And it's going to be tough losing the group."

"Sad. Really sad. It's going to be tough, yeah,” said Kinney.

Cosmos will officially close on January 13. And until then, staff and regulars alike say it won't seem real.

“Now, it's just a matter of us digesting it; letting it sink in,” said Pulliam. “And, it's hard."

The good news for Pulliam and fans of Cosmos Café is it won't be closing quietly. The restaurant will host a News Years Eve party Thursday beginning at 5 p.m. The owner, Gus Georgeoulias, will also be hosting a farewell party Wednesday, January 6, beginning at 5 p.m.

In addition to Cosmos Café, the Phoenix and Republic nightclubs will also close. Georgoulias has opted to sell all three. He has no plans to open them in different locations.