Could this be home to the new Food Truck Friday?

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Doug Bradley, owner of Bradley construction bought the Kellogg building in Plaza Midwood nearly a year ago. The building that used to be a bakery that made cookies for the Kellogg company.

Now it’s being restored and rehabilitated, and the idea is to turn this building into a multi-use project.

Housing tenants from an indoor soccer field, to a coffee shop, an indoor music stage and even a brewery with a tap room and rooftop sitting area.

As part of the sale, the owners agreed to not use the space as a factory to produce snack foods. The owners are even in talks with the people behind Food Truck Fridays in the South End hoping to relocate their rally to the Kellogg building.

Bradley has rehabbed other buildings in town and for him it's not about just "flipping" an old building. It's about preserving what it used to be while bringing it up to modern times.

The building sits on the edge of Plaza Midwood and butts up against the Belmont neighborhood. Both areas that have seen massive growth over the past year.

Bradley hopes his plans to revitalize the building will spread to the neighborhood, bringing life and energy back to that part of town.