Couple, pets escape destructive fire at Lake Wylie home

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Two homeowners and thier pets escaped a massive fire that destroyed a Lake Wylie home Wednesday evening. 

Around 6:45 p.m. a woman tells FOX 46 her father called saying a fire had broken out at his home on Carroll Cove Dr. in Lake Wylie. The man and his fiance escaped, along with thier two dogs and one cat. They say three cats are still missing, however. 

Photos and video show the flames shooting out of the house, completely engulfing it. Firefighters don't yet know what caused the flames to break out, but they don't belive it is supicious. 

The woman says her father ran out of the house without shoes on-- Aal they know is they heard a loud pop, which could be heard from other houses on Lake Wylie.

At least six trucks responded to the scene. The Red Cross is now helping the displaced homeowners as the house is now unlivable.

FOX 46 is working to gather more details on the cause of the fire.