Couple robbed by teens while trying to buy iPhone

A couple looking to buy their son an iPhone ended up being robbed by three teens who police say set them up.

They thought they were meeting up with a legitimate seller only to find out he would soon turn into a suspect.

Out of fear, Magdi didn’t want to show his face.

“I didn’t even think about it. It happened so fast,” he explained.

His wife found the cell phone on Facebook Marketplace for $400. They discussed details and the price with the seller. The couple drove to Charlotte Monday to the address they were given but something didn’t seem right.

“I saw the address and it seemed scary and there wasn’t anyone there,” explained Magdi. So, he suggested that they meet in a more private location and they picked a nearby restaurant.

That’s where they met two teens inside. They demanded to see the cash. Once the money and the phone were both on the table that’s when the teens took off.

“All of the sudden one grabbed the phone and one grabbed the money,” he said.

Someone inside the Popeyes on North Tryon yelled to call CMPD. The couple managed to show officers the seller’s Facebook page. Just hours after the incident police arrested Alhaji Kamara, 17, and two other 14-year-old males. All three are charged in connection to the case.

While Magdi is okay, he’s shaken up from what happened and hopes people will be careful the next time they buy something through a social media site.

“I’m just trying to let people know to be really careful,” he said.