Couple Shares Their Story of Identity Theft to Warn Others

Who is stealing from children and senior citizens? The North Carolina Attorney General says they are often the victims in the latest identity theft scams happening around the state.

Some of the scams involve the bad guys trying to cash tax refunds by filing false returns in someone else's name. That's what happened to Lee and Diana Rainey after Lee says a thief must have gotten his social security number. But the bad guy didn't actually get Lee's tax refund money because the IRS caught it and sent him a letter.

Lee Rainey said, “We were concerned. We were very concerned. It wasn't like somebody who's all of a sudden all their money's disappearing and all that other sort of stuff, so we were a little bit lucky that way.”

Attorney General Roy Cooper said, "Now you have to worry about email. You have to worry about text messages, phone calls and even data that someone else holds."

The Attorney General says in order to try and protect your identity, you should check your credit reports regularly. And you can even put a freeze on your credit, so that if criminals get your personal information, they shouldn't be able to use it to open new accounts.