Couple stranded for 9 hours escapes after car goes down embankment

A couple was stranded for nine hours after the vehicle they were in overturned down a 25-foot embankment Thursday morning in Grantie Falls.

The wreck happened about 6 a.m. along Executive Park Drive. Pictures only tell part of the story of what Granite Falls police are calling a harrowing experience for a man and woman. They were riding in the Jeep when it wrecked.

"They were actually on their way home at the time. They were looking at a car lot that was actually close to the location where they crashed, and when they left the car lot, that's when they went off the roadway and off an embankment," said Granite Falls Police Chief Chris Jenkins.

The crash happened not too far from Falls Avenue, near Highway 321. Police say they two were passengers. A third person, a man, was driving the car when everything happened.

"He was going for help, but never returned," Jenkins said.

Where the crash happened, no one noticed the car. The couple was there for nine hours. Police say the pair had to crawl out, banged and bruised, and go for help on their own. Thankfully, they were not seriously injured and did not have to be hospitalized.

The car belonged to one of the passengers and the driver was someone the couple did not know that well. The now missing man behind the wheel is the one police want to talk to. They want to know why he ran off, because lives were in danger.

"They're safe, they're okay. This could have turned out a lot different," Jenkins said.

Jenkins says they don't have a lot to go on in the case, but says had the driver not taken off, he would have faced little to no charges at all.