Couple wanted in Gastonia Circle K robbery

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Credit: Gastonia Police

Have you seen these suspects? That’s the question Gastonia Police are asking the public as they try to track down the pair. 

The man and woman are wanted for allegedly stealing cigarettes and beer from a Circle K on Chester Street last Tuesday night at ten o’clock. 

“I do think that’s silly I mean you are risking life and limb for a pack of cigarettes and a case of beer,” said Juan Aponte who lives around the corner from the robbery. “It’s a party for a minute but beyond that its nothing else.” 

Outside the convenience store off Interstate 85, posters hang advertising a sale for cigarettes. But the price for a five finger discount could mean jail time for two robbers on the run. Gastonia Police have posted surveillance pictures of the man and woman on social media. Cameras outside captured their getaway car, police believe is a 2010 Jeep Cherokee. 

“The thing about it is, a lot of people not paying attention they are just looking to get home,” said Aponte. “They ain’t paying attention to nothing” 

Customers say you have to go into the store with your guard up: “Just seems like more things happen around here, you gotta be more careful,” said Ronney Massey.

Cashiers wouldn’t tell Fox46 Charlotte what happened or how the pair managed to get away. No word if they had a weapon. 

If you recognize these two suspects, give Gaston County Crime Stoppers a call at 704-861-8000.