Coyotes caught on camera prowling Sedgefield neighborhood

Coyotes were caught on camera roaming a heavily populated neighborhood near Uptown.

The video was captured this week in the Sedgefield Community, right off South Blvd.

The coyotes are seen trotting just feet away from a woman's home.

Donna Ragan posted the video to her Facebook page, as a warning to her neighbors to keep their pets safe.

"There's nothing you can do," said Resident Michael Seaton.  "They're here and we've got to live with them."

The coyotes were caught on the Ring cam just before 5 a.m.

"Probably started about five years ago," said Seaton.  "We had reports of them in different areas all over the neighborhood."

The wild animals are creating problems and causing concerns for neighbors.

"People's cats have disappeared," said Seaton.  "I think it's scarier for people with outdoor cats-- they might get nervous to let out small dogs without being with them."

According to North Carolina Wildlife, attacks on people, including children, are extremely rare-- but they can happen.

North Carolina Wildlife says to remove outdoors pet food and keep animals inside and on a leash when they're being walked.

Do not ever feed the coyotes.