Crews clear snow in Lincolnton following winter storm

Snow is messy business, and crews in Lincolnton are working hard to clean it up.

Danny Mosteller and his street crews began clearing the roads on Sunday. They were back at it around 7:30 a.m. on Monday. 

Now, they're working on parking spaces and sidewalks in downtown Lincolnton.

"We're just trying to fix it where people can safely walk down the sidewalk and businesses can open up," Mosteller said. 

A big help to shop owners like Mark Ingle, who opened 'The Meating Place' butcher shop on Main St. earlier this year.

"It's a really big help to us that they come and clean the streets off, especially since I’m on the south side and the front of my store never gets sun. Snow would be out there for a week if they didn't come. They're really good about coming and clearing it as soon as they can,” Ingle told FOX 46.

He's typically closed on Mondays, like most of the stores in downtown, but he kept his shop open for anyone who needed to warm up.

"I usually do inventory and stuff and thought a few people might be out and need coffee, so I opened up while I’m here."

Ingle says he gave free coffee to the crews clearing the snow-- a way of saying thank you for helping his business open Tuesday morning.

"We're open tomorrow and if they didn't do that, we would have to go out and shovel what we can and then the parking spaces would be full of snow. They load it and haul it off so people can get in,” said Ingle.