Crews from across the country help battle western NC wildfires

Fire crews are pouring in from across the country to fight the wildfires that continue to rage in western North Carolina.

"We have firefighters and personnel from all over the United States. Arizona, Nevada, Washington. We have some people from as far away as Alaska,"  Shane Yarborough, Florida Forest Service said. 

"This is our down time. Normally the winter is and we weren't even expecting to be called out this time of year."

The team told FOX 46 Charlotte they drove for hours to get to western North Carolina and plan to stay for the next couple weeks if they're needed. 

"It does kind of suck to be away from family during the holidays especially being 2,000 miles away from family and knowing that we probably won't be able to see them the day after Thanksgiving or the day before Thanksgiving. So in that aspect it brings the crew down a little bit."

By late Wednesday donations were pouring in -- and for crews leaving home quickly to help their fellow firefighters on the front lines -- the donations are a welcome sight. 

"Coming in here seeing all the things the community brought us to use during our time here brought up our spirit a lot."

While they're thrilled with all they've received so far, they do have one special request. 

"What we'd like is thank you cards. That's something we can put in a lunch with a firefighter and that makes him feel more special than just a Gatorade and they appreciate those things but having that note that says hey we really appreciate you being here is something they can take back to their family as well."

You can send thank you cards to the Command Post at the Foothills Higher Education Center located at 2128 S Sterling St in Morganton, North Carolina, 28655.