Crews prepare for winter weather in Iredell County

NCDOT crews in Iredell County are on standby for any overnight ice accumulation.

“Right now, we have 33 people ready to go,” said NCDOT Iredell County Maintenance Engineer, Matthew Evans. “We have contractors on standby. With that, we have 24 trucks ready to go.”

Evans says they’re predicting the slick spots will be on secondary roads, bridges and overpasses.

They’ll have a crew monitoring the roads overnight to see if they need any treatment.

“Our drivers are assigned a snow section,” he told FOX 46. “They ride that section to make sure all the roads within their sections are good, so they kind of know the areas to check first.”

FOX 46 spotted kids dressed for bed, but ready to party. The kids have a two-hour delay in the morning for Iredell-Statesville schools.

“I can hang out with my friends before I go to school,” one kid said, “which would be much more fun than just going to school early.”

Not exactly thrilled are some parents who heard about the delay late Tuesday night.

“Well, when I have a meeting to be at in Winston at nine, and I can't drop her off until nine, I have to start figuring out something,” said Stephen Heminger, a parent living in Statesville.

NCDOT doesn’t expect this will be a major weather event for their team, but they say they still prepare for the worst conditions possible.

What they’re asking from the public is to drive safely on the streets, and keep their distance from NCDOT crews trying to treat any roads.