Crime scene tech collects bedding for sexual assault victims

Kansas City Missouri Police Department 

A Crime Scene technician in Kansas City has started a unique and thoughtful program to help victims of sexual assault. 

"When our Crime Scene technicians collect evidence at the scene of a sexual assault, they often have to take bed sheets," Kansas City Missouri Police Department wrote on their Facebook page. 

Crime Scene tech, Marisa Smith, realized those sheets are sometimes the only ones the victim has. So Smith decided to start a program to donate new bedding to sexual assault victims. 

"We wanted to start a program where we replace the sheets on scene so the victim has one less thing to worry about during the investigation and healing process," Smith said. 

Sexual assault victims often return home after having undergone an exam by a certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner at a hospital and after being interviewed by police. And then they find that crime scene technicians have gone through many of their things processing them for evidence. 

"It's necessary, but it's a very over-whelming process for them," Smith said. 

The Kansas City Missouri Police Department said they are continuing to collect new bedding and sheets from the community. They have started an Amazon Wish list here. 

"We encourage you to contact your local police department to see if they'd like to start something similar!" the KC police department wrote on Facebook. 

The announcement of the new program has gone viral with more than 23,000 reactions and 12,000 shares since September 27: