Crook breaks into cupcake shop wearing ankle monitor; doesn't get away with any 'dough'

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) - A cupcake crook is caught on camera breaking into a South Park shop. Police Say he is a repeat offender for breaking and entering and was wearing an ankle monitor.

Jalin Brown has been arrested a baker's dozen times: 13 total arrests and five in the past month. The good news is the cupcake crook didn't get away with any dough.

"I was offended! How can you come in here are not have a cup cake!" said owner Dana Walton. "It's usually a happy occasion when you get a cupcake so to walk in and see broken glass, it made me angry."

Dana Walton's cupcake shop turned into a crime scene a couple weeks ago when Brown busted through the glass door and broke in to Gigi's Cupcakes in South Park.

"He broke the glass, stole the register, and got nothing! The register was empty."

The sweet spot sits in the Sharon Corner shopping center right across the street from the South Park Mall.

"There are so many more stores around here that are more desirable."

Walton says they didn't skip a beat and stayed open after the break in. The cupcake crook may have broken the door, but he did not break their spirits.

"We are a good little team here!"