Cross removed from Charlotte playground after parent complains

Mecklenburg County decided to remove a Christian cross from a public playground after a parent said she found it offensive.

County officials say this is starting to stir up controversy among commissioners and also parents who decide to bring their children to Park Road Park.

Fox 46 was there a year ago when the playground was  dedicated to honor the Newtown shooting victims.

It was designed by local elementary school students, but some parents never imagined it would now be gaining this kind of attention.

A concerned parent, who is Jewish sent an e-mail to commissioners a few days ago after snapping a picture of the cross on plastic playground equipment.

She asked them to take it down, stating, "I do not wish to feel ostracized and intimidated by religious symbols at a public park."

And so, officials took it down. County representatives tell us the symbol wasn't intended to offend anyone but that it's placement there was an oversight.

While some commissioners we spoke with off-camera say they wanted to keep the cross up, others believe taking it down was the best decision.

We reached out to the woman who wrote the e-mail and she did not want to be interviewed. Other parents are wondering what kind of precedent this will set.

Commissioners are now asking what this means for other religious symbols on county-owned properties and how they will act on every individual concern brought up.

County officials say this is the first time they've received a complaint about the cross at the park.