CSX admits miscommunication led to road closure mishap

FOX 46 Charlotte got exclusive video Tuesday morning of a school bus driver going around ‘road closed’ signs and onto operational, live railroad tracks with children on board the bus. 

Our Robin Kanady immediately began asking questions to CSX, the railroad company, about why they shut down Central Ave. between Lamar Ave. and Clement Ave. in Plaza Midwood a day early, and why police officers or police tape weren't there to make sure people didn't go around the barriers.
“What you can control is doing the most that you can do to keep drivers from going around those barriers and now tape has been put up why was it not put up before," Robin said as she questioned CSX officials.

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The railroad company admits that they messed up, saying there was miscommunication that caused the closures to start a day early and they regret the confusion that caused for drivers Tuesday.

“There was a huge safety concern do you guys not feel some responsibility because you didn't put up the proper barriers up to keep people from going around it," said Robin.
A spokesperson says they are working to track down what exactly led to the miscommunication that caused problems for many people, including a local business.

“Our employees were late today we had deliveries coming through with other vendors and they're behind in getting their stuff done,” Corey Millett, the Kitchen Manager at Moo and Brew said.

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FOX 46 Charlotte is getting results: After we reported on drivers going around the barriers police officers first came out to patrol the crossing, and before they left, they put up police tape to try and keep drivers away. Later in the day, workers installed reflectors at the closed crossing. 

The kitchen manager at Moo and Brew, a nearby restaurant saw the bus go around the barriers and is grateful FOX 46 is getting results to make the closed crossing safer.

“Definitely saw the kids, it was certainly a surprise to see that and a potential danger these are live tracks," said Corey.

The original closure was supposed to be Wednesday through Friday, but that is weather dependent, but we’re are supposed to get a lot of rain on Wednesday, so there could be delays with the closing.