Curtis Sharp, 1982 lottery winner, on losing it all

Curtis Sharp Jr. won approximately $5 million in 1982.

The Newark, New Jersey native became famous after the win as much as for the prize as for his larger-than-life personality.

He claimed his money with both his wife and his girlfriend by his side.

He was also featured in a popular commercial for the NY State Lottery where he tells a hot dog vendor not to be "stingy on the mustard."


Fast forward to 2016 and on the day the largest jackpot in lottery history will be called, Sharp Jr. is living a much simpler life as a Baptist minister in Antioch, Tennessee.

"It didn't work out. But it's ok," said Sharp.

He acknowledges spending all his winnings on family, cars, real estate and women.

"I don't have one penny of that," said Sharp.

His advice to any future lottery winners, get away to clear your head.

"First, I would pay my tithe," said Sharp.

"God has blessed me. I am doing good. I have been through a lot but he has brought me out. I'm OK."