Customer, friend reflects on 7-Eleven store clerk who was shot, killed

Another convenience store robbery over the weekend turned deadly. This one happened at the 7-Eleven on Westinghouse Blvd. in Steele Creek.

CMPD is still searching for the gunman. We spoke with a woman who frequented the store.

"If you go to different stores, grocery store, people don't know your name. But he knew my name. Karen. 'Hi Karen, hi Lewis.' When I picked him up for work we come by the store every day," said Karen Mobley of Fort Mill.

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She says the clerk who was shot and killed at this store early Saturday morning was her friend.

"I'm going to miss that smile. He was my friend. That was my friend," said Mobley. 55-year-old Khaled Mohamad Elmerkabaoui worked the third shift.

Police say a customer came into the store around 3:30 Saturday morning, saw him lying on the floor, and called 911.

"I started crying because I was devastated. My girlfriend called me. I didn't have the TV on because I was getting ready to go to church. She called me and I couldn't believe it. When I picked up my cousin from work like I always do we were going to stop by here. I'm just heartbroken. I'm just sad," said Mobley.

Police are still looking for the person who shot and killed Elmerkabaoui. 

"It's scary because you can't even go to the store, you have to look over your shoulder, have to lock your car doors, have to protect your loved ones. It's sad. It's really really sad," said Mobley.

Police ask that you to call Crimestoppers if you have any information about this case.