Cuthbertson High School earns unique opportunity for music program

Cuthbertson High School in Union County got special recognition this week for the quality of its music program. The school was chose as a winner of a video contest held by the National Association of Music Merchants.

"I think I have some talented students," said Todd Ebert, band director. "I think I have some passionate students that really get behind the vision that we want for the band program here at Cuthbertson High School."

The students channeled that passion into a video submission for a contest titled, 'What Makes Music Education Great in My School.' Although some teens were skeptical about their chances, the NAMM clearly thought the video stood out.

"It was full of student energy and positive student response to why music education is great here in Cuthbertson," said Mary Luehrsen, NAMM executive director. "It was really exciting to see. Original student work, and it just felt like it came right out of the kids."

"It was really awesome, just to see our song that we wrote to get recorded and this awesome opportunity," said Olivia Martin, Cuthbertson student. "It's just so cool to put in all this hard work and get a finished product."

Cuthbertson was one of six winners chosen from across the nation. As part of the reward, students got to board the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus and put together a music video.

"Something like this, being able to work with an organization and with an opportunity like this is certainly something that they're going to remember for the rest of their life," Ebert said.

The song the students worked on will debut on-line in a couple weeks.