Dad trolls baby with 'worst Christmas gift ever,' gets shocking response

Video/Photo: LGND @iamIgndfrvr

This kid is great at receiving gifts.

A young father wanted to see what would happen if he gave his baby daughter “the worst” Christmas present he could think of. Amazingly, instead of tears, the toddler girl responded in a truly remarkable way.

Twitter user LGNDFRVR, identified as Justice Mojica by USA Today, recently posted footage of his daughter opening her gift. He captioned the footage, “I tried giving my daughter the worst X-mas gift ever and I didn’t expect this reaction.”

Apparently, Mojica decided that a banana was the "worst" Christmas gift. Surprisingly, his daughter disagreed, and based on her reaction, a banana might be the best Christmas present ever.

Twitter users were equally thrilled with the little girl's response to receiving the fruit.

One user responded, “When I was a little kid, about her age I guess, I loved bananas so much that my parents put them in my stocking from Santa. And it was wonderful. This is so cute.”

Another user shared a similar experience, writing, “My dad did the same with oranges! He still does.”

Of course, one user pointed out that bananas have made headlines lately, writing, "The world had a similar reaction to this banana," along with a picture of a banana duct-taped to a wall, referencing the famous Art Basel display that sold for $120,000.