Dan Bishop wins GOP primary in NC09 special election

Republicans in North Carolina have chosen state Sen. Dan Bishop as their party’s nominee in a special congressional election ordered after a ballot fraud scandal marred last year’s race.

Voters on Tuesday selected Bishop as the Republican nominee to face Democrat Dan McCready in September in the 9th Congressional District election. McCready faced no primary opponent.

Bishop topped the vote in the 10-candidate field, which also included Stony Rushing, Fern Shubert. A recent FOX 46 investigation uncovered that the two candidiates were involved in a sewage dispute between Union County and the Town of Marshville. 

Bishop sponsored legislation in 2016 voiding anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people. The legislation was known as the “bathroom bill” and drew national attention.

Bishop is a Charlotte attorney. He loaned his campaign $250,000.

The state elections board had ordered new elections after finding last year’s contest tainted when Republican Mark Harris used a political operative who improperly handled mail-in ballots. Harris seemed to narrowly beat McCready after November’s votes were counted but opted not to run again.

McCready released a statement on Tuesday evening, saying: 

"I got into this race because I felt a calling to serve our country, but what keeps me in this race is a calling to serve the people. After all of the election fraud perpetrated by my opponent, it would have been easy to throw in the towel, but the Marine Corps taught me that you don’t take on a fight because it’s easy, you take on a fight because it’s the right thing to do. I’m still fighting for everyone in our district who deserves lower healthcare costs, great public schools and a secure Medicare, but we can’t let Senator Bishop get to Washington with his agenda to continue to destroy thousands of jobs, keep medication unaffordable, and undermine public school teachers."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.