Dangerous road antics caught on camera in Charlotte

Bad drivers seem to be everywhere, but many told FOX 46 they think those terrible drivers can be found in the Charlotte area.

There is a running joke that Charlotte is a melting pot of people from across the country and that pot begins to boil over when you hit the road with different motorists.

FOX 46 was sent several videos over the last week of drivers behaving badly. One features a motorcycle popping wheelies on Wilkinson Boulevard near the airport, another is a man on a scooter in Uptown carrying a ladder, also a man was found sleeping in the back of a pick-up truck on I-85 and finally a driver hauling pallets that are way too tall for his truck.

"I am from a place initially with some terrible driving and that is one of the worst things I have seen on the road,” said Brett Joseph, who watched the video of a driver hauling too many pallets.

In that video the driver merged onto Interstate 85.

"Yeah that doesn't look like the wisest decision. I would be interested to know how many of those pallets stayed in place,” said Jamie Watkins.

Officers say that's where the legality of this video comes into question. Under North Carolina law it is illegal to haul an improperly secured load. If you're pulled over you could face a fine of up to $2,000.

But what if the load you're hauling is a human? That’s what appears to happen with another driver on I-85.

"I don't know the story about it, so I don't know why he's doing that or anything else, but it wouldn't be my first choice,” said Chuck Hall.

Riding in the back of a truck on an interstate isn't recommended by police officers, but it is legal as long as the rider is over the age of 16.

Road risks aren't just on interstates. In Uptown Charlotte our cameras caught a man riding an electric scooter with a ladder over the shoulder.

"Those scooters are terrible. I really don’t like them. They look very dangerous,” said Lucas Rapisarda

So after all those incidents how do Charlotte drivers rate overall?

"Maybe a six out of 10? You gotta give them some credit,” said Rapisarda.

Although a lot of what was captured on camera is legal, officers say to use common sense when you drive. If you have to ask yourself if something you’re about to do is legal, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it.