Dangerous road hazards pop up during toll construction on I-77

Fox 46 Charlotte is again working to get results for drivers on Interstate 77 after two dangerous road hazards took place along the toll construction area in the same week.

On Friday, a viewer sent us a copy of an email they received from NCDOT. In it, a department engineer says NCDOT contacted the contractors and told them these hazards will not be tolerated.

Fox 46 Charlotte also spoke with the woman who saw a big tarp on the interstate firsthand.

"If it would have landed on someone's windshield... It could have covered several cars. That's how big it was," said Jolie Laya.

She sent us pictures of a large tarp covering part of I-77 just before exit 28 in Cornelius. The pictures were taken Thursday afternoon as Laya was driving to pick up her child from school.

Fox 46 Charlotte reached out to Sugar Creek Construction about the tarp. The company responded saying,

“While the tarp that blew onto the roadway yesterday was strapped down, the extremely high winds caused it to break free. The tarp was cleared from the roadway within 10 minutes. Our crews receive regular briefings on construction protocols and are working diligently to ensure that the work area and existing roadway remain safe.”

"It's just very scary that was able to happen along with all the other things that happen in that zone with the dust clouds, the speed limit not being slower, the concrete barriers, the ruts in the road. It's just one more thing to deal with," said Laya.

The tarp on the road is the second road hazard this week on I-77. Another viewer sent Fox 46 Charlotte pictures of dust clouds blocking drivers' vision.

"Look at what they're doing safety wise. Have somebody come in there and say, that's not ok and fine them. Someone should be held accountable," said Laya.

A viewer sent the dust cloud pictures to NCDOT and got an email back from a department engineer which reads in part,

"the pictures you provided are from a sweeping operation that was apparently the result of a poor decision of a subcontractor on the project...the department has contacted the contractor and advised that this will not be tolerated...water should have been utilized with this sweeping operation to prevent the dust."

"I just want to have a safe road to take my kids to school every day," said Laya.

The N.C. Department of Transportation says the contractor will not face any fines for what happened this week.

Fox 46 Charlotte will continue to work to get results for drivers. Email us or share on our social media pages what you see.