Dash cam video shows suspect firing at trooper

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Newly-released video shows the terrifying moments shots were fired at a South Carolina trooper in his patrol car in Rock Hill last month.

The video comes just one month after prosecutors say a man used “cop killer” bullets to fire on the trooper.

On the dash camera video, a hail of gunfire pops the windshield of a South Carolina trooper’s patrol car. Prosecutors say “cop killer ammo” from a stolen gun hit Trooper Alex Wise’s windshield on June 2.

On the audio from the dash camera video, Trooper Wise radios in to dispatch that he’s been hit and that he returned fire, shooting suspect Willie Wright.

The following comments are heard in the audio from the dash camera video, “Don’t move. Raise your other hand. Where’s the gun? It’s over there. I promise you. I’m not doing nothing.”

Later in the video it appears that back up law enforcement arrives on scene.

In other portions of the video, the following comments are heard, “I don’t have nothing. Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. I don’t have anything. If you raise that right hand you’re done. Is that understood? Keep that hand down.”

Authorities say Trooper Wise’s bullet proof vest and his windshield saved his life. Wright was shot in the arm when Trooper Wise returned fire, according to authorities.

Trooper Wise had tried to pull Wright over for a seatbelt violation, but Wright didn’t stop, leading the trooper on a chase.

Minutes after the shots are fired and Trooper Wise has called for back-up, screams can be heard on the video.

About five minutes later, Trooper Wise seems to be on the phone telling someone he loves them.

“Listen. Don’t freak out. I’m ok. But I’ve been shot.”

Wright remains in jail. At last check, Trooper Wise was at home recovering.