Dates set for NC09 special election

Following last month's decision to hold a new election due to ballot fraud in the 9th district, the North Carolina State Board of Elections has set the date for the special election.

North Carolinians will return to the polls September 10. The primary will be held on May 14.

This comes on the heels of last month's hearings in front of the NC State Board of Elections Committee, which resulted in Mark Harris calling for a new vote. Republican Mark Harris narrowly defeated Dan McReady last November. Harris then announced he would not run in the new election.

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Shortly after his announcement, political operative McRae Dowless was indicted for his alleged involvement in the NC09 election fraud, which mainly centered around absentee ballot and the physical handling of those ballots.

A police officer has filed to run on the Republican side as well as a county commissioner that's been endorsed by Mark Harris.