Deaf, elderly couple gets temporary home after car crashes into house

FOX 46 Charlotte is getting results for an elderly, deaf couple left homeless during the holidays.

A retirement community is helping Gerald and Vicky Sisk get a roof over their heads. It's the art of giving in its purest form.

"It seems like it's destiny," Alexandria Place Manager Cathy Almon said. 

It's been almost one week since Gerald and Vicky Sisk's home was deemed uninhabitable. The couple is deaf and uses sign language to communicate.  

Last week, their home was destroyed following a police chase. The suspect reached speeds of up to 100 mph before crashing into their house.

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It's been a stressful week with the couple left to find new place to call home. Cathy at Alexandria place, a retirement community, took it upon herself to step in.

"We had a room we could make available for free," Almon said. "So they'd have a place to stay."

Cathy called FOX 46 Charlotte to offer free temporary housing, meals and laundry. They'll also help them get out in the community to find a more permanent place.

"I like it here," Gerald Sisk said. "I am thankful to have a place to sleep for a while until I can look for an apartment or something."

"It's about giving love and hope," Almon said. "And I am glad we were able to do that in this case."