Democrats continue to fight petition to certify election results in NC09

A hearing is now set for next week in the District 9 election fraud investigation.

Chairman Robin Hayes says the people of District 9 need fair representation, and it's long overdue that Mark Harris's win should be certified, and he take a seat in Congress.

Hayes says Democrats are trying to delay the process as long as they possibly can because it's the only option left for them. 

“We need to follow the law we need to seat the congressman elect unless there is some evidence to the contrary let's move on and represent the people of the ninth district as they deserve to be represented,” Hayes said.

Republican Mark Harris filed a petition earlier this month to get the District 9 election certified. He leads Democrat Dan McCready by 905 votes, but the State Board of Elections hasn't certified the results because of reports of election fraud in Bladen County having to do with absentee ballots.

The State Board, however, has since been dissolved, and one of the arguments being made by Harris in his petition has to do with that. In the petition, Harris essentially asks that since the board was dissolved do their decisions-- including the decision to not certify the race—still stand?

Democrats say that they do, and that Harris shouldn't be seated until the investigation is complete.

A hearing is now set for Tuesday, Jan. 22 to hear more about the petition Harris filed and the motion McCready filed to intervene.