Demonstrators gather at vigil for man fatally shot by officer; march to police station

Demonstrators gathered Tuesday evening to remember a man who was shot and killed in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant by a police officer on Monday.

After gathering for a vigil, the group marched up to CMPD's Metro Division station and could be heard shouting "long live Frank," while they held signs.

Protesters chanted and raised fists outside CMPD Metro Division, after marching down Beatties Ford Road, one mile past the parking lot where Danquris Franklin was shot and killed by a police officer. 

“This is senseless it continues to happen over and over its becoming repetitive,” said Jarvis Massey. “I just think that there’s a better way.”

On Monday, 27-year-old Danquirs Franklin reportedly walked into the Burger King on Beatties Ford Road with a gun. The police report just released Tuesday says Franklin pointed a gun at two workers-- one of whom lived at the same address as him at one point in time. 

Officers were called to the scene around 9:05 a.m. and CMPD Chief Kerr Putney said Franklin was given multiple commands to drop the gun when he encountered police in the parking lot. When he didn’t, officer Wende Kerl felt he was a threat, so she shot and killed him. 

LINK: Investigations, demonstrations continue after officer fatally shoots armed man

There are conflicting stories from witnesses about what exactly happened. The two 911 calls released on Monday detail a man with a gun, but one witness told FOX 46 she was in the drive-thru when the commotion started, and that Franklin was not the man causing the commotion on the 911 call. 

Franklin’s aunt says she does not like the way her nephew is being portrayed in the media. 

"He was not a bad guy," she said. 

A handful of activists and friends of Franklin gathered in the Burger King parking lot around 6:30 p.m. on Monday, laying items on the ground for him and holding posters reading “he didn’t have to die.” 

The memorial expanded on Tuesday, with more items laid around the Burger King parking lot and messages written in chalk covering the ground. 

Those who gathered at the restaurant later marched to CMPD Metro Division where they were heard shouting “long live Frank.” 

Friends like Massey knew Franklin since he was six years old, dubbing him a stand out in youth football: “He was a great player, a great kid, very well respected. I never knew Frank for a lot of trouble.” At the same time, Massey says he understands the dangerous position police are in when they answer a call. 

“Every day it’s a great possibility they may not make it back home to their family but it still doesn’t give them any right to use unnecessary force or violence just because they don’t understand.” 

Others like Michelle Martin want to see police body camera video before they make an opinion if the shooting was justified. “We need to wait until the investigation is done. They are out here for community service they are out here to save people. They are out here to help.” 

Franklin's funeral is set for Saturday. FOX 46 asked some community members if they will attend CMPD Chief Kerr Putney’s community meeting on Thursday, and many said they are interested.