Deputies: 7-month-old puppy dragged behind car in Lancaster County

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'Jasper' was reportedly dragged behind a car on Sunday. He is at the Lancaster County Animal Shelter recovering. 

Deputies in Lancaster County are investigating after a dog was seriously injured when dragged behind a car over the weekend. 

The Sheriff’s Office responded around 6 p.m. on Sunday after receiving a call about a dog tethered to a moving vehicle, spokesperson Doug Barfield says. 

The seven-month-old pit bull was found and taken to the county animal shelter Sunday afternoon. He was brought to a vet Monday morning to have his wounds looked at.  

The animal shelter tells FOX 46 they had posted the graphic images showing the dog’s injuries, but decided to take it down after negative comments began to flood the feed. 

“We have not concluded the act was knowing or intentional but have assigned an investigator to look into all aspects of this case,” Barfield said.  “A decision about whether anyone should be charged in the incident will be made when the investigation is completed.” 

The animal shelter has named the pup Jasper, according to director Allen Williams. They say he is doing well in his recovery process.