Deputies investigating Snapchat threat at Hickory Ridge High School

CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) - The Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a threat on Snapchat against Hickory Ridge High School.

A parent at the school said her son was afraid to go to school Monday because of the social media threat.

“Very terrifying, not for sure what’s happening, came into school and a lot of talk about shootings, was real worried because I have my two brothers here and not really sure what’s going on,” said student Kelby Rice.

Rice hadn’t seen the Snapchat video until FOX 46 showed it to him.

The video shows someone holding a gun sending a warning to students at Hickory Ridge High School. Later in the video, the person makes the motion of shooting a gun with his hand.

Rice says he told his mom about the video, and she told him and his brothers to leave school early Monday.

“She was like yeah, y’all need to get out and that’s why we checked out,” said Rice.

A spokesperson for Cabarrus County Schools says the situation has been “resolved” and there is “no threat” to students and staff, but the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office told FOX 46 they’re still investigating the threat.

“For my safety and the safety of other students, I think we need to know what’s going on in Cabarrus or at Hickory Ridge High School.” said Rice.

A parent told FOX 46 he didn’t know about the Snapchat video.

“I feel good that they’re looking at it closely, but I’m not worried to be honest with you,” the parent said.

RIce said the school did not inform students about the threat.

“I feel that if there’s still an investigation going on at the sheriff’s office, it needs to be known to students as well,” said Rice.

FOX 46 asked Cabarrus County Schools why parents were not notified about the social media threat, since law enforcement is continuing to investigate.

We received the following response from Cabarrus County Schools:

"For the purposes of securing our school and campus, our portion of the investigation was completed. Law enforcement may take longer to complete its investigation. We will follow our normal protocols for notifying parents about this incident."