Deputies: Man shoots neighbor's 2 dogs, killing 1

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A man is Mooresville is accused of shooting his neighbor’s two dogs, killing one of them. Dog owners are calling this a brutal attack. 

“That dog had not a mean bone in her body…not one,” Kathy Troy Bailey told FOX 46. 

Bailey rescued Eve, the dog who was killed in the shooting, from the pound.

“The reason she was named eve is because this is kind of a Garden of Eden." 

She then gifted the pup to her neighbors.  

“Seemed like a perfect situation. I could still see her, I could still visit her, still feed her,” said Bailey.

She and other neighbors on Tammy Dr. in Mooresville are shaken after Eve and Tank, another pit mix belonging to Chase Miller, were shot by a man on their street. 

Iredell County deputies say Fred Wright opened fire on the animals, claiming the dogs killed his rooster. 

"I found seven or eight holes in him from a shot gun,” Miller said of Tank. 

Tank survived with pettle scars, but Eve was not so lucky. Miller was heartbroken by the loss. 

"That was a hard pill to swallow. I mean she was a good dog-- was never aggressive,” said Miller. 

He showed FOX 46 where he buried the 3-year-old pit mix in their backyard. 

Many tell FOX 46 they don't believe she killed Wright's rooster.  

Bailey says the rural property full of other animals. 

“As a puppy I never saw her go after any of my birds and I had birds everywhere,” Bailey said. 

When deputies arrived, they found the two dogs with gunshots, but no dead rooster.
“Roosters are a whole lot easier to replace than two good dogs,” another neighbor said.

Miller is thankful for Tank's recovery. As for Eve, well, Bailey hopes she found her own Garden of Eden. 

“I don't see any reason beyond self-defense why you would take that kind of justice into your own hands," said Bailey.

Owners say there are no hard feelings against their neighbor, they are just asking he pay the $400 in vet bills. Meantime Fred Wright is out of jail on bail.