Deputies: Rowan County woman stole thousands from middle school booster club

A woman is accused of stealing from a middle school booster club in Rowan County, and as FOX 46 found out, it's not the first time the kids have been the victims.

Rowan County deputies say the discovery of thousands of dollars in missing money came about earlier this month, and they say this is the second time the West Rowan Middle School band booster club has been hit by embezzlement.

“To hear that it happened again. Like, why would someone take advantage of a little middle school in Mt. Ulla, North Carolina,” former booster club president Anissa Winn said. 

Winn was president of the West Rowan Middle School band's booster club last year when their treasurer was accused of stealing money. Fast forward a year-- different person, same crime.

“That money goes to new instruments, new sheet music, any kind of trips or auditions or concerts or competitions they go to,” Winn said.

Rowan County deputies say Nannette Isenhour, the club’s treasurer, was behind the most recent embezzlement case. 

She had access to the club's debit card, and reportedly racked up over $2,700 in charges over two weeks.

“You’re looking at $1,000 to $3,000 coming into that band account every year, that's it,” Winn said. 

Winn says after the incident last year, the community rallied around the club, raising money for them. She hopes the same will happen again.

She also says after last year’s case they set out to make changes and they did, but to see it happening again-- for her-- is heartbreaking.

“That’s what's troubling. You went through all those measures to trust someone, and who do you trust now?” 

Isenhour was given a $5,000 bond. FOX 46 reached out to the school system, the current band booster club president and the band director for a comment on the arrest. All declined.