Despite protests, gas station to be built near Fort Mill elementary school

The gas station being built next to a Fort Mill Elementary School will stay there despite parent protests. Tuesday night town council voted 4-3 to continue construction.

Parents are pretty upset, saying they are not giving up and plan to pursue their case in court.

A lot of conflict centered around the interpretation of language in the zoning ordinance and if it allowed for a gas station to be built in that area. But after town council approved the plan, one mother told FOX 46 Charlotte she will be moving her kids out of the Doby's Bridge Elementary School.

“How can I send them to a place knowing that they are going to be breathing in toxic fumes?” said the mother.

Parents have protested the construction for months and say they have no intention of quitting the cause.

“You are done!” yelled one man who burst into the meeting after it was over, warning town council.

Council Chair Jim Thomas says he believes building a gas station and convenience store would not involve industrial use, which is prohibited in the zoning ordinance.

“We know its emotional and if you go that way, nobody is happy,” said Thomas.

Brett McNabb who lead the opposition to council says he feels the gas station could bring a health hazard: “Of course there is a number of people concerned about the fumes emitted from gas stations.” 

Another mother believes the incoming 7-Eleven could bring crime too close to their kid’s school: “It’s so frustrating.”