Despite snow days, work doesn't stop as midterms near

Having a couple extra days off from school usually is something both students and staff can all enjoy, but when class time is missed the same week midterms exams begin to take place some uneasy feelings can take place. 

"Hearing it right before exams gives you a little bit of sense of panic," said Salisbury High science teacher, Carie Fugle. 

Her earth and environmental exam is set for Friday and despite the school being closed Monday and Tuesday, her and her students are able to stay connected through a school program called Schoology. 

"We've still been able to have the opportunity to communicate with our students, provide them resources to use so they aren't coming unprepared. They still have an opportunity to stay current with the material," said Fugle. 

Dr. Eisa Cox with Rowan-Sallisbury Schools says due to the timing of the snow days just before exams having this technology is crucial. 

"This is very beneficial. Five years ago we could have not continued that learning that way we are today. We have teachers that are reviewing with their students online, they've provided a lot of extra materials and learning is going on," said Dr. Cox.