Despite uncertainty, Huntersville continues to explore charter school options

Huntersville is continuing to explore the option of creating a charter school separate from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

The proposal is all possible thanks to a bill that passed up in Raleigh last year. Four area towns have the ability to create their own charter school separate from CMS. Even with that bill it still remains uncertain if it is even possible.

The small commission in Huntersville is still exploring what would happen if the town created their own stand alone charter school.

Commissioners say the goal is to prevent overcrowding at suburban schools within Mecklenburg County.

“Can we eliminate the overcrowding with the growth projections here? That’s a big ask,” said Carrie Warren, a commission member and parent of four kids in CMS.

That’s just one of the hurdles Huntersville is facing and the reason the commission exists.

Mint Hill, Cornelius, Matthews and Huntersville all have the option to create charter schools thanks to a bill passed last year. Now, some leaders are proposing a repeal of that bill, which is one of the biggest problems plaguing the Huntersville group right now.

“514 could be repealed, but there is also a conversation about putting a cap on the number of charter schools in the state. So either of those could kill the opportunity to create a municipal charter,” said Warren.

The commission says they plan to continue their work even though there is uncertainty. The next meeting is next week.