DHEC monitoring major sewage spill in Long Creek

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Charlotte Water crews responded Tuesday morning to a major sewage spill into Long Creek in Mecklenburg County. 

Officials said the wastewater overflow occurred Monday night, April 23 near 4100 Oakdale Road, and was caused by a fallen tree eroding the creek bank and wastewater pipe.

Crews were still responding Tuesday morning and did not have an estimate on the number of gallons that reached Long Creek in the Catawba River Watershed.

“A majority of wastewater overflows can be prevented with your help,” said Cam Coley, spokesperson at Charlotte Water. “Anything put in plumbing or a manhole can cause wastewater overflows, spilling raw sewage into your street, your creek or even inside your own home. Even products labeled as ‘flushable’ do not breakdown in the sewer system and can contribute to clogging.”

The Department of Health and Environmental Control in South Carolina is monitoring the spill due to concerns about downstream water intakes for Rock Hill.