Did the GOP compare Hillary Clinton to the KKK?

North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Hasan Harnett has not publicly addressed two recent tweets showcasing a picture of Hillary Clinton alongside the Ku Klux Klan.

"Say NO to the #Democrat Lies #Liberal Agenda. #BlackLivesMatter #KeepGodFirst," Harnett tweeted on July 23. A similar tweet appeared the day before. Both feature a picture of former Secretary of State and democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton alongside a picture of the KKK captioned: "The KKK was created as the militant wing of the Democrat Party in order to fight Republican reconstruction."

Fox 46 News called Harnett's office Tuesday morning to ask for clarification about his intended message. The person who answered the phone said no one was available to talk and directed our questions to their spokesperson via e-mail. As of Tuesday afternoon, our request for comment to both the spokesperson and Harnett's email have gone unanswered. Harnett was active on Twitter as recently as Tuesday afternoon but has made no comment about his previous tweets.

Speaking to WRAL-TV state Republican Party Executive Director Todd Poole said, "The chairman isn't going to comment or give interviews on tweets, but as the first black chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, he believes we have to learn from history and move past it."

Fox 46 News reached out to the democratic party to get their reaction to the tweets. Spokesperson Ford Porter said:

"Chairman Harnett's troubling comments pretty much encapsulate the current Republican brand in North Carolina: inflammatory rhetoric, completely unhinged, and totally focused on nonsense instead of job creation or improving our schools. It's telling that Governor McCrory and senior Republicans have not publicly distanced themselves from their Chairman’s comments and no great wonder why everyday families are ready for a change in Raleigh."