Diocese of Charlotte to release names of clergy accused of child sex abuse

The Diocese of Charlotte said it will release the names of priests credibly accused of child sexual abuse by the end of the year.

In a statement released Monday, Bishop Peter Jugis announced that the dioscese had already been conducting a reivew of its historical records for allegaations of child sexial abuse by clergy.

"Any allegations discovered in these historical files have and will be forwarded to our Lay Review Board for evaluation and/or further investigation," Jugis said. "And, just as we have done since I became bishop in 2003, the names of any clergy found to be credibly accused by the Board in consultation with me will be made public and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken."

The diocese began reviewing its historical records in 2018. While Jugis did not provide an exact date on when the names would be released.

"The diocese is committed to finishing the investigation and publishing a list of credibly accused clergy before the end of the year. Through my discussions with abuse survivors, I have come to believe that a full airing of abuse from the past is crucial in the healing process for victims and for the entire Church."