Disgusting dorm conditions found at Johnson C. Smith University, officials blame weather

Students at Johnson C. Smith University say they want action after a social media post went viral showing what they say are disgusting dorm conditions. App users click here.

Students we spoke with off-camera at Johnson C. Smith University say mold has been a problem for some time. But there is one social media post that's gotten a lot of attention over the last 24 hours that highlights how bad it apparently is inside those dorms.

The post, which has been shared about 2,000 times, tells the story of Jazlyn Lambert. Pictures show nosebleeds, mold, and a video of water seeping down from a heating vent. When students saw the post, some were horrified. Others could relate. 


One student told FOX 46 she lives in a different residence hall. She showed pictures of what she says she has to deal with. After Lambert's post went viral, she wanted to let people know the problems weren't just hers.

"The students are so scared to step up, but someone needs to step up," the student told FOX 46. "We've been saying this since August. It's coming up on December."

Johnson C. Smith University released the following statement, citing the mold is due to weather conditions.

University officials say they are working to relocate Lambert and other students affected and get rid of the mold.

A student told FOX 46 that conditions at the school as a whole are not bad, but could use updating.

"This school especially the dormitories, need a lot of remodeling and revising," said Tyler Flowers, a freshman. 

For other students on campus, it goes deeper than that. 

"I'm paying $36,000 and I had to pay $10,000 out of pocket," a student told FOX 46. "I don't want to live in mold, filth, roaches. Who wants to live like that?"