District Attorney to seek death penalty in fatal officer shooting

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A Shelby, NC police officer, who was killed in the line of duty, died from a gunshot wound to the chest, according to the Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner's Office. 

The Medical Examiner's Office announced Wednesday that the autopsy on Shelby Police Officer Tim Brackeen has been completed. The medical examiner said Officer Brackeen suffered a lethal gunshot wound to the chest. 

The man accused in his death, 23-year-old Irving Fenner, Jr., was arrested in Rhode Island Wednesday morning, according to Rhode Island State Police. Four other people have also been arrested in the case.

The District Attorney's Office confirmed Wednesday they will be seeking the death penalty in this case. 

Brackeen died Monday.

Police in Providence, Rhode Island said Fenner was captured around 2 a.m. Wednesday at an apartment in Coventry, Rhode Island. Fenner was immediately taken to a hospital and treated for a gunshot wound he received in Shelby, according to police.

Once he is released from the hospital he will be taken into police custody and be charged with the murder of Officer Brackeen.

Six other people have also been arrested for their involvement in Saturday's deadly shooting of a Shelby police officer, according to Rhode Island State Police.

Deitra Morris of Shelby, NC Casey Fenner of New York, and Jolisa Peeler of Rhode Island were all arrested for Accessory after the Fact of First-Degree Murder, which is a Class C Felony.

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The fourth woman arrested has been identified as Ashley Hamrick. Police said Hamrick was charged with Felony Harboring a Fugitive for giving Fenner aid and comfort while he was subject to outstanding warrants for First-Degree Burglary, Robbery with Dangerous Weapon, and Second Degree Kidnapping.

Cory Peeler and Hope Wyman, both of Rhode Island, were also arrested and charged with harboring a criminal.

According to Captain Steven Seate, Hamrick and Morris were arrested in Shelby. Peeler was arrested in Rhode Island, and Casey Fenner was arrested in New York.

Rhode Island State Police confirmed to FOX 46 Charlotte a search was carried out Tuesday night at a South Providence home as part of an effort to capture Irving Fenner, Jr.

The State Police Tactical Team used various means to enter the house just before 9 p.m. Troopers said they believe Fenner was in the house at some point recently but the house was empty when searched.

The woman arrested in Rhode Island, Jolisa Peeler, is believed to be Fenner's half-sister.

The suspect, Irving Lucien Fenner Jr.  was arrested about 2:35 a.m. Wednesday at an apartment in Coventry, Rhode Island.

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