Disturbance call leads to serious charges against 3 men in Lincolnton

Three men are facing serious charges from a disturbance call on Sunday in Lincoln County, officials say.

Officers responded to the call at 5 p.m. on Swanson Road in Lincolnton and were informed that at least one of the individuals may be armed.

Four men were found when officers arrived and the homeowner granted the officers permission to enter and conduct a search. Lincolnton residetn Chad Ramsey, 38, was found hiding and a gun was located nearby. Ramsey is a registered sex offender and was wanted by authorities for failure to notify a change of address. He also faces charges of felony possession of a gun and parole violation.

Vale resident Michael Nothiesen, 33, also faces charges of felony possession of a firearm and having a controlled substance. Crouse resident Dalton Marlow, 28, faces multiple charges including felony possession of a firearm.