Doctors Freeze Away Fat with CoolSculpting

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CoolSculpting is a procedure that freezes the fat cells on certain parts of your body. And it’s become popular way to zap fat that doesn’t go away with diet or exercise. Lauren Myers works out and eats healthy, and tries her best to stay in shape. But she says there are stubborn areas of her body that just don’t seem to budge despite working out and eating healthy.

Myers noticed a bulge on her outer thighs – one that just wouldn’t go away. She turned to the non-surgical procedure called CoolSculpting to freeze away that fat.

Doctor Matt Jones outlines the area of fat on a person’s thigh, stomach or buttocks. He then lays a protective layer on the area to be treated. Then, he places the cool sculpting device on the area desired to treated, straps it in, and the rest is up to the clock. The procedure can take hours, and for the thigh, it is two hours on each side.

Dr. Matt Jones said, ”The treatment is not toll free – there is a little discomfort. The massage after the treatment can be a little sore.”

The procedure is FDA approved, and has gained popularity over the past year. Depending on the actual amount of fat to be frozen, the cost starts around $700 at the Jon Ric Medical Spa in Charlotte.