Doctors say about 30 percent less people are dying from cancer

New numbers show less and less people are dying from cancer, and doctors say it's because more people are listening to their bodies. 

It's a discovery worth celebrating. Doctors at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Camden, NJ are talking about the 30 percent drop in people dying from cancer. 

Cancers like lung and breast saw the largest drop. Cancer screenings and improved detection tools are all contributions, according to doctors. 

"For many years, we didn't have effective screening tools for patients at risk for lung cancer,” Dr. Danielle Behrens said. “We absolutely are detecting them quicker. That's where low dose CT scans come in."

Not only is research improving, but patients are also listening to their bodies more than ever before. 

"We are listening and we are educating better and we're more aware of the risk these things pose,” Dr. Behrens said. 

Doctors say it's not always possible to prevent cancer, but you can reduce your risk for many cancers by maintaining a healthy weight, exercising and eating healthy.