Documents: Club 935 shutting down, owner to serve jail time

The owner of Club 935 is heading to jail and shutting down his club.

Neighbors were fed up with the Wesley Heights Club after several shootings happened over the past couple of years.

The owner, Adolph Shiver has agreed to shut down Club 935 and will head to prison for 9 months followed by 9 months of house arrest, according to federal court documents.

The federal court documents say Shiver has also agreed to not manage/own/operate a nightclub during any period of incarceration and supervision.

Shiver was facing charges for tax crimes. He will also have to pay more than $50,000 in fines.

The transfer of the $50,000 of "sting" money was delivered to Defendant Shiver at his business, Club 935, and he agreed to launder the funds through his business accounts. In addition, the Defendants current tax crimes relates to his income derived from his businesses. There is a significant nexus between the Defendant's crimes and his business, including Club 935, according to federal court documents.

Shiver argues that even though he accepted the $50,000 he believed it to be from an unknown "specified unlawful activity" and according to the federal documents he did not believe that it was from the particular SUA of drug trafficking.

The federal documents say Club 935 has been referenced in connection with numerous shootings and other assaults, including two homicides.