Dog dies after Monroe Animal Control tranquilizer

A dog owner in Monroe is asking questions after his dog died Thursday night.

His one-year-old pit bull and two puppies escaped from their kennels.

The oldest dog was tranquilized by a Monroe Animal Control officer and later died.

The puppies were captured.

Monroe police say they received a call about an aggressive dog near the residence. They are investigating this case to see if the actions taken by the officer were appropriate.

The dog owner, Oscar Sanchez, says his dog might have been defensive because her puppies were being taken away and the dog was not the aggressive type.

“A lot of people never really encountered pit bulls because they were afraid of them. I guess my dog changed a lot of people's opinion on them,” Sanchez said.

The city of Monroe has a leash law.

Sanchez plans to hire an animal rights attorney to find justice for his dog.

"I wish maybe the officer would have handled the situation differently,” he said.