Dog found in wire cage died from exposure, police say

The Rock Hill Police Department is looking for the owner of a dog that was discovered dead in the back patio of an apartment complex Tuesday evening.

Officers said at 4:45 p.m. Tuesday, March 14 they were called to 1072 Carolina Avenue to assist York County Animal Control.

Animal Control Officer Pierre Goff stated he was asked to respond to the address regarding a dead dog in the backyard. Both police and Animal Control walked to the backyard and saw a dead dog locked in a wire cage in the back patio.

Police said the cage was partially filled with rainwater and it appeared the dog had been left there overnight with no shelter or warmth and died of exposure. They said the owner of the dog was not home.

It was soon discovered that two people lived at the listed address, but both were not home during the discovery of the dead dog.

Rock Hill police advised York County Animal Control they could not remove a dead dog from private property. Police then contacted RHPD dispatch to notify Sanitation and were told that this section does not remove animal carcasses from private property either.

A neighbor told police that one of the owners would be back in town either on Thursday, March 16 or Friday, March 17.

Neighbors tell FOX 46 Charlotte the owner loved his dog and always took good care of the animal. The dog was reportedly in the care of other people while the owner was away for work. 

Neighbors said the dog reportedly died inside the home and the remains were taken out to the back porch and put in the wire cage. 

This case remains active. No word if the deceased dog remains on the property.