Dog is finally reunited with owner after 7 years of being missing

"I can't believe this! Thank you so much," Kelly Accettola said.

Kelly Accettola can't hold back her tears after seeing her missing pup's face for the first time in 7 years.

Accettola got Bemis as a puppy while they were living in Virginia. She had him for about 2 years before he went missing.

“It was like he vanished without a trace. Years after he went missing I would drive around the neighborhoods and look for him or I would walk around the neighborhood," Accettola said.

After 4 years, she gave up hope and stopped looking. Her husband's job took the family all the way to San Diego and they just moved one.

About a week ago, she got a letter from AKC Reunite that someone found Bemis.

"I was on my way to work and he was on the side of the road and he was just walking. I felt sorry for him, opened the car door and he just jumped straight in and rode around with me at work that day," Tracy Tucker said.

Tracy tucker found Bemis in Gastonia during the New Year’s weekend. She told her co-workers about the little greyhound and they started posting on social media to see if anyone lost a dog. Even, suggesting, she take Bemis to a vet to see if he was microchip.

Tucker did and within seconds of scanning him, they have a name and a number.

"I’ve been connected to Tracy who was sending me pictures of him. I couldn't believe it because as soon as she told me how he got into her vehicle. I was like yup that’s my dog"

It's reunion Accettola still can't believe.

"He was with me through a lot of stuff and when i was alone and didn't have any family or anyone nearby. So he was my best friend and we did everything together," Accettola said.

She's happy to have her "first born" back and is ready to catch up on all the year of missed moments.

"The thing I’m most excited about is taking him back to the beach. He used to love going to the beach hanging out with all the people, just playing in the water digging in the sand," Accettola said.