Dog owner says angry ex threw pup into oncoming traffic

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A Charleston dog owner says an angry ex-boyfriend threw her dog into oncoming traffic. (Charleston Animal Society)

A Charleston dog is in need of help after a woman accused an ex-boyfriend of throwing the dog into oncoming traffic.

Poo the dog is in critical condition and Poo's injuries are more serious than originally thought after undergoing radiographs, which showed much more serious internal trauma.

North Charleston resident Candace Lesston came to the Charleston Animal Society with Poo. Lesston also filed a police report, which stated her ex-boyfriend grabbed Poo from her daughters arms and ran away with him. After they chased him he became angry and threw Poo into oncoming traffic on Rivers Avenue.

"Candace didn't know how bad Poo's injuries were and if she could afford the care," the Charleston Animal Society said in a Facebook post.

Once radiographs returned, Poo started receiving treatments immediately and was transferred to Veterinary Special Care. The Society is covering costs through Caitlyn's Fund, a fund set up to help pay for cruelty and abuse cases.

Donations can be made here to the Charleston Animal Society.