Dog that killed 6-month-old boy euthanized

A pit bull mix that attacked and killed a 6-month-old has been euthanized, according to Rowan County Animal Care and Contol.

To dog, ‘King,’ mauled Jacari Long, killing him on Tuesday. Long was at a babysitter’s house in Salisbury when the incident happened.

"Lonely, hurt, sad, upset, trying to figure out what really happened," Densie Small said. She is a friend of the baby boy's family. 

Small tells FOX 46 it broke her heart to hear Long died after he was injured by the dog.

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"A baby that didn't even have the chance to live life or even have a chance to enjoy life," she said. 

The investigation report says the child's godmother left the 6-month-old inside while she put the baby seat into her car. She heard her mother scream, and when she came back in, the report says the baby was covered in blood.

"Right is right and wrong is wrong. They have to take the responsibility of what they did by having that dog around that baby. People should learn from that not to have animals like that around little kids like that."

Salisbury Police say they're still investigating whether or not anyone will be charged in the baby's death.

"My heart goes out to you all. My heart is deeply hurt for you all. I love you all."

The dog was not up to date on his rabies shot.