DOL: Workers paid only tips, no salaries

A North Carolina restaurant is being forced to pay out over a $100,000 in back pay after an investigation found they failed to pay worker wages.

Charanda Mexican Grill & Cantina, with locations in both Concord and Statesville, failed to properly pay employees and failed to keep proper time sheets, the Department of Labor announced Tuesday. They are being forced to pay a total of $104,394 to 13 workers.

Investigators found servers received only tips and were not paid wages. Cooks were also not compensated for overtime pay after working approximately 60 hours a week.

"Not paying low-wage workers wages that they have lawfully earned earn can cause significant financial hardships for  families, said Frank McGriggs, the Wage and Hour Division's deputy regional administrator. "Unfortunately, these types of labor violations are all too common in the restaurant industry. That's why the agency is committed to protecting restaurant workers and responsible employers and to ensuring everyone has the opportunity to succeed."

A restaurant is required to pay a tipped employee at least $2.13. If the employee does not make the federal minimum wage of $7.25, the restaurant must pay the balance.